Amario’s  art studies began at NYC Mark Twain School for the Gifted and Talented.   .  Employment at Marvel Comics Group followed where Amario interned & was promoted to Editorial Assistant under the instruction of Editor in Chief Jim Shooter creator of Marvel's "Secret Wars". Amario worked on titles such as X-Men, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Transformer’s, GI Joe and more!  Amario is featured in Marvel Age No 47 in an article called “Incredible interns”.

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In 2005 Amario co-founded Amario’s Art Academy for the Gifted & Talented to raise the level of artistic literacy and proficiency of young Metro Atlanta artist. This move galvanized the need for comic & animation classes for homeschoolers, after/out of school students to be challenged on learning the basic principles of comic art at a high level of proficiency.

Since its inception the Academy has made a major impact in the state of Georgia and beyond. In 2006-07 the Academy created several murals featured on Good Morning America in a partnership with Kennedy Middle School in Atlanta. In 2007 the Academy also created its first comic on Bullying in a partnership with Dr. Bitz of Columbia University/Teachers College, dubbed the “Comic Book Project .“ This project was another first of its kind. This project led to several other Academy produced comic books such as: Comic Book with the College Park Police Department on TRUST, Fulton County Leadership Academy on HISTORY and SAPNET’S (Substance Abuse Prevention Network) comic on Anger.  The Academy’s comic book creations were digitized in 2011 with the Academy’s first ever digital comic called Rare Jewel which was released on the I-Tunes store.

In 2012 the Academy continued its remarkable success with a 100% high school graduation rate for its students coupled with many of its graduates gaining entry into the prestigious art schools such as SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) & Academy of Art University. All students received scholarship funding with one student obtaining a full ride admission to Tuskegee University.  In that same year the Academy participated, placed and won several major technology competitions throughout Atlanta:  Including one competition at Georgia Technical College where the Academy students won 1st place at a Semantic Seed Tech Competition hosted by Microsoft in which Academy students were the only youth group allowed to face college students and IT professionals.

In 2013 the Academy was the only school to be recognized by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and allowed to present at the first ever Georgia Digital Day. The event partners were among other tech giants such as Google, Giant Studios and SCAD. Today the Academy continues its success with multiple educational art partnerships throughout the state.

In 2014 The Academy won the MLK Community Service Award for Public Service presented by Emory University & The Rollins School of Public Health.

In 2015 The Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary with a free citywide celebration called This was a day where art and communities collide with events, comic trivia and live superheroes.  Currently the Academy partners with Fulton County School System - McNair Middle School's Alternative Suspension Program called LIIFT where students are challenged using artistic precepts and complex mural designs.  In 2016 The Academy has continued it's out reach work with Def Jam Legend Cey Adams with the Year of Superheroes.